How to Change the Blade on a Lawn Tractor | Enduro Series

Over time, the blades on your riding lawn mower can become worn out, bent or dinged. This gradual damage can reduce the effectiveness of your mower, so be sure to sharpen or replace the blades if you notice these signs of wear. How often you visually check the blades depends on how regularly the mower is used. Check the blades at least twice a year, at the beginning and middle of the mowing season, or more often if you mow year-round. This video will show you how replace the blades on your Cub Cadet riding mower. Depending on your model, the instructions in this video may vary slightly. Always be sure to check your operator’s manual for detailed instructions.


Step 1: Prepare your riding mower for maintenance. Place your mower on a flat, level surface. Turn the mower off and make sure the engine is cool.  Remove the ignition key, disconnect the spark plug ignition wire, and engage the parking brake. This helps ensure the machine doesn’t start accidentally and cause you or those around you harm.

Step 2: Set your mower’s deck height to the lowest setting.

Step 3: Remove the deck drive belt from the engine pulley. Using a 9/16” socket or wrench pull the idler pulley arm forward to release the belt tension.

Step 4: Remove 3 cotter pins and release the deck pins that secure the deck. For models with manual PTO, be sure to disconnect the PTO cable prior to deck removal. With the pins removed the deck can be slid out from under the mower.

Step 5: Carefully flip the deck over to access the blades. Wear gloves for protection.  A block of wood or the Blade Removal Tool can be used to stop the blades from rotating. Use a 15/16” socket or wrench to loosen the blade nuts.

Step 6: Replace the blades. Carefully replace the blades and tighten the nuts securely per the specifications in your owner’s manual. When properly installed the word bottom or the blade part number will face the ground.

Step 7: Reinstall your cutting deck following the steps in reverse order. Flip the deck over and carefully slide the deck back into place under the mower.

Step 8: Reattach the deck. Slide the deck pins back into place and reconnect the cotter pins.

Step 9: Reinstall the belt. Place the belt in position as per the routing diagram. Use the 9/16” socket or wrench to release the tension and finish routing the belt.

Step 10: Reconnect your spark plug wires.

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