Cub Cadet Safety Tips

Promoting backyard lawn mowing safety

Ensure Family Protection

Before starting the mower, ensure that all family members and pets are away from the mowing area. By doing so, you eliminate the risk of innocent bystanders getting injured while mowing the yard.

Clear Away Debris

Remove debris from areas prone to it by using a rake. This precaution helps prevent sticks and rocks from being propelled by the mower, which can cause serious harm. Clearing your work area before starting is always a wise choice.

Safeguard Your Eyes

According to VISU, 71% of mower-related injuries affect the upper extremities, including the face, neck, and eyes. Wear protective eyewear while mowing your lawn to protect yourself in case a stray stick or rock flies up from under the mower.

Choose Appropriate Footwear

Wear enclosed footwear for all backyard tasks, avoiding jandals or sandals. Opt for comfortable shoes with good traction to prevent slipping. Remember, when it comes to mowing the lawn, save the jandals for the beach, not the backyard.

Turn Off the Engine

Always turn off the engine before placing your hands near the mower blades. Although it may sound simple, many people overlook this step. Cub Cadet lawn mowers are equipped with an automatic engine brake, so when you stop, the mower stops too.

Take Your Time

While we often prioritize getting the job done quickly, safety should be the foremost concern when using a high-powered mower. Take your time to minimize risks in the backyard.

Familiarize Yourself with Your Mower

Knowing how to immediately shut off your mower can make a crucial difference in completing the job safely or ending up in the hospital. Never leave the mower engine running unattended.

Think Before Reversing

This tip is particularly important when using a ride-on mower. Always check behind you before reversing to reduce the risk of colliding with obstacles or running over debris.

Wait for Dry Conditions

Allow the early morning dew to dry before starting your mowing task. Mowing on a wet surface not only causes grass to stick to the mower blades but also significantly increases the chances of slipping and injuring yourself.

Allow for Cooling Down

When refueling, make sure to turn off the mower and wait for a few minutes. This allows both you and the engine to cool down before resuming the job.

Exercise Caution on Slopes

Contrary to popular belief, VISU recorded that 93% of mower-related injuries occurred with walk-behind mowers, not ride-ons. To ensure backyard safety, avoid mowing up and down a slope with a push mower. Instead, you would mow across the slope. However, this is the opposite when using a ride-on mower, be extremely cautious riding across a slope as this can lead to tipping over.

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