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Cub Cadet’s Lawn Tractors offer an unparalleled mowing experience. With powerful petrol engines, agile handling, a comfortable seat, cutting-edge performance, and innovative features, our ride-on mowers provide the ultimate combination of speed, safety, and smooth operation.

Low Maintenance

Spend less time thinking and more time enjoying your perfectly maintained lawn.

Strong Cutting Deck

Built to last, conquer tough terrain and uneven cuts with ease.

High Quality Engine

Experience reliable power and performance, season after season.

Responsive Handling

Navigate tight spaces and obstacles with efortless control.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know whether I need a ride-on?

If the task of mowing your lawns exceeds two hours, investing in a ride-on lawnmower will prove invaluable in terms of time and effort saved.

2. Can I Use a Ride-On Mower on Sloping Ground?

Cub Cadet offers a diverse selection of ride-on mower models specifically designed to handle various terrains, including sloping ground. These models are equipped with a low center of gravity to enhance stability. Additionally, certain models feature an automatic differential lock, which ensures exceptional traction and stability when mowing on challenging slopes. With Cub Cadet ride-on mowers, you can confidently tackle sloping terrain with ease.

3. Should I run my engine at full RPM/throttle?

Yes, it is recommended by Cub Cadet to run machinery with an air-cooled engine at its highest RPM for several important reasons:

  1. The engine’s cooling and lubrication systems are designed to function optimally when the throttle control is in the highest position. Running the engine at lower speeds reduces the airflow for cooling and decreases the volume of oil circulation, which can potentially shorten the engine’s lifespan.
  2. The engine’s carburetor is precisely adjusted for clean and efficient operation at full throttle. Running the machine below or outside the recommended speed range diminishes the power output of the engine and carburetor.
  3. Maintaining the highest throttle position ensures the proper cutting deck speed, which is regulated by the engine’s governor. Running the engine at a slower speed can lead to reduced performance, increased vibration, and accelerated wear on drive components like the cutting deck drive belt.
  4. Some models are equipped with DC electric starters and battery systems that rely on the engine for battery recharge. Running the engine at full RPM ensures an optimal battery recharge rate. If the engine is not operated at full throttle, it may result in a poor battery recharge rate and potentially reduce the battery’s lifespan.

For lawn tractors and other self-propelled units, it is advised to keep the engine at full throttle whenever possible. Ground speed should be regulated by shifting into a lower gear or using the ground speed control. Avoid using the throttle to regulate ground speed, as this may compromise the sufficient electrical current needed to maintain battery charge.

4. Why are grass clippings clumping, clogging the chute, or not mulching properly?

When grass clippings clump, clog the chute, or mulch poorly, it is often due to operational factors. However, the condition and type of cutting blade being used can also play a role.

To help address these issues and improve cutting performance and grass clippings disposal, we have compiled a troubleshooting list:

  • Clean Your Deck: Before starting, ensure your machine is turned off, and inspect the underside of the cutting deck. Remove any debris or clippings to maintain proper airflow for discharging and mulching.
  • Run the Engine at Full Throttle: It is essential to always operate your machine at full throttle. Running the engine at low RPM slows down the blade’s rotational speed and reduces airflow through the cutting deck.
  • Wet Grass: Clumping can occur when mowing excessively wet grass. Ideally, mow only when your lawn is dry. Be aware that recent rain, fog, or damp conditions can make the grass appear dry but still be wet. If the mower’s wheels become damp or wet while mowing, the lawn is too wet, and proper clipping movement may be hindered.
  • Long Grass: Poor clipping movement can result from mowing grass that is excessively long. Only bag clippings or mulch when cutting off a maximum of 2 inches of the overall grass blades with the mower. Attempting to force too much material through the discharge opening can cause overloading or clogging. If the lawn is overgrown, make multiple passes, starting at a higher cutting height and gradually lowering the deck with each pass until the desired grass length is achieved.
  • Traveling Speed: Mowing at a fast ground speed can make it challenging for the mower to discharge grass clippings properly through the collector chute. Maintain a steady medium to slow pace with the engine throttled up. When bagging or mulching, it is best to keep a slower tractor speed.
  • Dull Blades: Clumping and clogging issues can arise from using dull or imbalanced blades. Regularly inspect, sharpen, and balance the blades to maintain optimum performance and maximum airflow.
  • High-Lift Blades: If you have followed the above steps and still experience issues with clipping discharge, you may consider using “High-Lift” cutting blades. These blades are designed to produce maximum ejection airflow through the deck discharge opening. They are particularly beneficial for larger cutting decks that manage higher volumes of clippings, ensuring efficient movement without clumping.

By following these troubleshooting tips, you can improve grass clipping disposal and achieve better mowing results.

Warranty periods for Cub Cadet products may vary by product category, whether the intended use is residential or commercial, and from model to model.

Which ride-on mower suits my needs?

Cub Cadet provides a range of ride-on mowers with diverse features, specifications, sizes, and accessories, ensuring you can achieve a flawlessly manicured lawn with every use.

When selecting the ideal premium rider mower from our collection, it’s important to consider factors such as the mower type, the size of your lawn area, any narrow access points or obstacles, and the terrain you will be mowing.

Choosing Between Ride-on Lawn Tractors: Petrol or Electric?

Our lithium-ion powered electric mowers deliver 1 to 1.5 hours of robust cutting performance. They provide a quieter operation, produce zero emissions, and have lower maintenance and operating costs compared to petrol-powered models. An electric ride-on mower is an ideal solution for lawn maintenance, particularly in areas with noise restrictions or urban environments.

On the other hand, Cub Cadet Enduro series petrol-powered ride-on mowers are specifically designed for rugged terrain and long-lasting performance. They may also be more convenient for larger paddocks or remote mowing jobs where access to charging power is limited. These models are built to tackle tough conditions and go the distance.

Choosing the Right Size

The size of your mowing areas will determine the appropriate cutting deck size and width for your mower.

For smaller lawn areas up to 4000m² (1 acre) or gardens with irregular edges, tight curves, or obstacles to navigate, a compact rider with a 30-inch cutting deck is the ideal choice. This size will efficiently handle the job.

However, for larger lawns, gardens, and wide grassed areas over 4000m² or up to a few acres, our fast and powerful models with patented 42″-46″ cutting decks are perfect. These models will ensure your grass is flawlessly cut in no time at all.

Taking Terrain into Account

Lastly, it’s important to assess the conditions, slopes, and obstacles present on your property.

While most mowers can effectively maintain large, flat lawns, when it comes to safely mowing sloping hills and uneven terrain, it is worth considering the traction benefits of a differential lock.

Alternatively, our lineup includes specialized zero-turn mowers designed for steep terrains, offering the advantage of four-wheel steering control. These options provide enhanced maneuverability and stability on challenging landscapes.

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