How To Level a Mower Deck on your Cub Cadet Ride-on | Zero-Turn & Lawn Tractor

These guidelines will elucidate the process of levelling the deck on your Cub Cadet ride on lawn mower. Slight variations in the instructions provided below may exist depending on your specific model. It’s always wise to consult your operator’s manual for comprehensive and detailed guidance.


Step 1: Ensure that the mower is positioned on a flat, level surface and engage the parking brake. Turn off the engine and allow it to cool. Remove the ignition key and detach the spark plug ignition wire.

Step 2: For front-to-rear deck leveling, set the deck lift lever to the midpoint position.

Step 3: Using protective gloves, align the blade nearest to the discharge chute parallel to the lawn mower.

Step 4: Measure the height from the ground to the tip of the front blade. Then, measure the height from the ground to the tip of the rear blade. Refer to your operator’s manual to ascertain the appropriate height differential between the front and rear.

Step 5: Adjust the deck by loosening the hex lock nut on the deck hanger rod.

Step 6: Enhance the front deck elevation by tightening the inner hex nut.

Step 7: To lower the front of the deck, loosen the inner hex nut.

Step 8: Once the deck attains the desired level, secure it by tightening the lock nut.

Step 9: Wear protective gloves and ensure side-to-side deck leveling by aligning the blades perpendicular to the lawn mower.

Step 10: Measure the height of the blade tips on each side of the deck from the ground.

Step 11: Fine-tune the deck alignment by loosening the hex bolt on the left hander bracket.

Step 12: Raise or lower the deck as needed by adjusting the hex bolt on the left hanger bracket.

Step 13: When both blade tips share the same measurement from the ground, tighten the hex bolt.

Step 14: Reestablish the connection for the spark plug’s ignition wire while using protective gloves for safety


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