Lawn Care Tips for a Thriving Lawn

See below our top tips to keeping your lawn thriving!

Set Your Mower Height:

Trim only 1/3 of your grass height with each mow to promote deep root growth and a nutrient-rich lawn. Longer grass provides better hydration and sun protection during warmer months.

Mow When Dry:

Ensure your lawn is dry before mowing for a clean cut and to prevent mower damage and grass clogging. Opt for early evening mowing to avoid sun damage.

Mow as Needed:

Adjust your mowing schedule based on your lawn’s height, especially during peak growing seasons. Don’t stick to a fixed weekly routine if your lawn requires more frequent cuts.

Keep Blades Sharp:

Maintain sharp mower blades to avoid tearing up the grass and protect your lawn from disease and insects. Regular blade sharpening and mower cleaning contribute to a healthy lawn and mower longevity.

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